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Dive into our site and find out about: the whales and dolphins of the Azores

The Spring in the Azores is the season of the great whales

From March to May, the largest animals to have ever roamed the planet, the great baleen whales, come to feast on the spring bloom of krill around the Azores.

foto whales

The colossal whales like the BLUE, FIN, SEI and occasional HUMPBACK can be found in the deep waters around these mid-Atlantic Islands.

Sometimes they make spectacular feeding lunges, engulfing tons of small bait fish and krill, other times they are just traveling at the surface enroute to feeding grounds further North.
Sperm whales are present in the Azores year-round so you should also have the opportunity to observe these mythical creatures too.
We would also hope to encounter various groups of dolphin, such as common, bottlenose, Risso’s and striped.

We are pleased to offer, from 23rd April to 30th May, the opportunity to experience this unique and wild adventure.

For a safe and comfortable tour we use our 12 m catamaran, with two fantastic observation decks.

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