Dive into our site and find out about: the whales and dolphins of the Azores!

Whale Watch Azores, is a pioneer in whale watching in the Azores. We offer you an unforgettable experience at sea: with or without the whales & dolphins. Being a local, Norberto is proud of his heritage and particularly values local habits and culture. Don’t find it weird if he invites you to taste a fish soup or a glass of Pico wine.The Azores archipelago sits in the middle of the North Atlantic, where man and sea naturally mingle. Bathed by the warm Gulf stream, with sea temperatures ranging 17º to 24º, the Azores harbors a rich marine fauna, including all major large whales and a suite of dolphin species. Come visit the Azores and live an ocean adventure where you can enjoy the company of some of the largest and most impressive animals on earth.



The team consists of very experienced people


Lisa Steiner

Marine Biologist

Lisa first came to the Azores in 1988 as part of IFAW's research team. She fell in love with the islands and animals and has been here ever since. Her research on movements of sperm, blue and humpback whales has been presented in journals and international marine mammal conferences. Nobody has spent more time at sea with whales & dolphins in the Azores! Sometimes she can even tell you which individual sperm whales you are watching!!



Norberto Serpa

Owner/ Skipper

Norberto was born on Pico and his love of the island is unmatched. He has worked with the sea his entire life. His understanding of the sea and animals has grown over the years thanks to his involvement with the University of the Azores as a diver & technician. Often his local knowledge can make the difference between one of our tours and others.



Jairo Sousa


Jairo was born on Sao Miguel and is in love with the sea and the animals that live in it! In 2010, he received an Ocean Skipper's license as part of the Maritime Tourism course offered at the University. When he isn't whale watching, Jairo can usually be found under the water diving with the other sea life of the Azores. He has a good understanding of whale & dolphin behaviour and always treats them with the respect they deserve.